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CV. Darra Buana Perkasa

CV. Darra Buana Perkasa sells scales, sells loadcells, the Jakarta area, Tangerang, Bogor, Bekasi, Cikarang, Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia. We sell cheap digital scales, we provide complete calibration services and certified calibration services from various brands/types, apart from us serving service scales, we hold sales of scales of various models and brands, including: - Bench scale - Floor scales - Animal scales - Car scales/weighbridge - Mechanical / Manual Scales and; - Digital / Electronic Scales. The brands / products we sell are as follows: - Sonic, Excellent, Sayaki, - CAS, A&D, Avery Weight Tronix, Nagata - Camry, MK-Cell, Zemic, - Diniargeo, Fujitsu, Vibra, - Shinko Denshi, Fair Light, Indodacin, Etc. CV. Darra Buana Perkasa is also assisted by experienced experts in their fields. CV. Darra Buana Perkasa also uses quality spare parts and guarantees, we can also adjust the demand for industrial needs, for example: 1) Weighing goods in the factory capacity and size can be designed according to the circumstances and needs; 2) Experts in modifying scales from mechanical to digital according to sizes which we can produce ourselves. The advantages of products produced by CV. Darra Buana Perkasa: - Competitive price Because we produce it ourselves in our workshop; - Design that can be adjusted to the size of the capacity according to the needs of the order; - Done by experts who are experienced in their field; - Quality is more guaranteed and strictly monitored. CV. Darra Buana Perkasa also presents the best quality products with a one year service guarantee. CV. Darra Buana Perkasa will always contact customers - customers who will once a year apply for calibration and recalibration services, which should be re-calibrated within one year so that owners can use the scales with accurate results. The services we can provide: - Mechanical Scales - Electronic Scales - Spring / Needle Scales - Car Scales / Weighbridge - Animal scales / cage scales - Digital scales - Scale indicator - Weighbridge For orders and reservations, please contact our marketing who will explain and provide the best solution for customer needs. Please contact our weighing shop in tangerang. We also serve for the Tangerang area l Serang l Cilegon l Bekasi l Cikarang l Karawang l Jakarta l Semarang l Batam l Cirebon and also other areas please contact us: CV. DARRA BUANA PERKASA Tel: 0813-1357-3131 we are weighing seller - a weighing shop that caters to the needs of Pontianak area scales l Banjarmasin l Samarinda l Balikpapan l Palangkaraya l Pekanbaru l Padang l Palembang l Jambi l Riau l Jakarta l Bekasi l Semarang l cirebon bridge Scales l Car scales l weighing indicator l floor scales l platform scales l load cell l sensors l bench scale l cb scales l needle scales l tbi scales l sercice scales l shop scales l selling scales l weighing scales l cheap scales. Darra Buana Perkasa Timbangan Store is a shop that sells scales located in tangerang. l CAR Scales l TRUCK SCALE l Weighbridge Introduce we are a company engaged in the sale of Scales in Tangerang l Scales shop l Scales seller l weighing workshop l weighbridge factory l weighbridge tangerang. The products we sell include: Digital scales l Weighing indicators l Bridge scales l weighbridge l crane scales l Bench scales l platform scales l Load cells l and various kinds of digital weighing equipment Apart from sales we also accept service and calibration services Weighbridges and recalibration Weighbridges l weighbridge CAS / Nagata / AND / GSC / GST / Sonic / Scales sonic / Excellent l Load cell CAS / loadcells AND / MK cell / Keli / Zemic Transducer / Load cell S / Load cell shear beam etc. for weighing solutions in tangerang please contact we are a weighing shop in tangerang We also serve for the Tangerang area l Serang l Cilegon l Bekasi l Cikarang l Karawang l Jakarta l Semarang l Batam l Cirebon and also other areas